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Leading Peak Performance Team

October 2021

In a Meeting

Companies in the twenty-first century are constantly being challenged by changes in markets, customers and societies. Global shifts in capital markets, market deregulation and communication technology have increased competitive pressure and uncertainty for all businesses. The challenge for leaders is to constantly adapt—to see opportunities in challenges and discontinuities.

These challenges require a new approach, from leaders who adapt. Adaptive leaders are able to transform the way they do business—creating and taking on new behaviours, relationships and approaches, while maintaining the positive disciplines and values of the past. In the past, successful companies adopted best practices in finance and management. They pursued cost reduction and continuous improvement.

They strengthened performance management and created accountable organizations. Now, companies are being challenged to still do all this AND capture competitive advantage through intangibles—knowledge, brands, innovation and customer responsiveness. The new worldview requires both smarter ways of thinking (IQ) AND of building and sustaining productive working relationships that allow people to act despite uncertainty (EQ). This is the power of the AND.


In this environment, leaders have to hold the tension between managing for cost and effectiveness while fostering creativity and empowerment—being people-focused and process-focused. This requires a different approach, one that is flexible and adaptive. It means less telling and more asking the right questions. It means less managing for stability and predictability, and more flowing with and inviting disruptions. Leaders focus less on order and more on constructive conflict and the creative possibility of dissent.

You will have to activate your network and operate without direct control and at arms' length, using all the channels of influence open to you – with none more powerful than the relationships that bind us together into communities and teams. Leadership research has shifted focus from how to change a leader to asking: what makes people actively decide to follow someone? One clear answer is that people choose to follow authentic leaders. The Oxford dictionary defines authentic as: genuine, not a copy. Research shows that people follow leaders who know who they are; who are true to themselves, yet driven by a purpose larger than themselves; who express this purpose clearly and uniquely to others – whom they understand and believe in. 


A strong team leader creating a team charter increases the likelihood that a team will get off to a good start and create commitment. It can also be returned to make changes to improve execution, and, it is especially helpful at the end of a project or a major milestone for team learning


  • Understanding Team Dynamics

  • Building Trust and Collaboration

  • Team Purpose, Values and Goals

  • Building Emotional Intelligence of groups

  • Precision Listening Skills

  • Team Conversation for Action

  • Team Performance Dialogues

  • Resolve Team Conflicts


Our purpose is to grow strong team leaders who build trust, team engagement and energy for the team to create breakthrough.

Specific Outcomes include:

  • Stronger presence as team leader with more authenticity 

  • Astute in composing team strengths and implement it

  • Defuse conflicts and shift energy for creative team exchange

  • Develop stronger collective intelligence of the team

  • Build team resilience to deal with adversity and challenges

  • Improve personal accountability and commitment

  • Remove team blockages to achieving goals and results

This workshop is crucial for leaders who wish to turn around their team performance. 

The program is flexibly customized to cater operational team leader to mid-upper senior team who:

  • Are eager to positively transform the team or to engage them in handling complex challenges

  • Want to learn to have a greater influence in conversation to team

  • Are longing for a more creative and initiative driven team 

  • Are building a stronger team spirit to achieve extraordinary results

  • Inculcate new values and belief of possibilities and extra mile performance

This course is especially valuable for leaders who are in their change journey. Be it of ERP initiative, restructuring, culture change and higher expectation from shareholder.


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