Competence alone is insufficient for being a great leader. When we describe great leadership, we we use words like integrity, honesty, passion, vision, risk-taking, fearlessness, compassion, courage, authenticity, collaboration, self-awareness, selflessness, humility, purposefulness, intuition and wisdom. These are qualities of inner game. A breakthrough in the inner game can result in sudden shifts in the effectiveness of outer game.

Robert J Anderson


A Big Wave

The current wave of change in the world is immense nowadays. Technological breakthrough in information, telecommunication and transportation have affected the way we live and work. Take for instance the ongoing geopolitical shift of power from west to the east, or the fluctuating oil prices that have been sending shockwave in the business world. The dominant players that used to own huge assets in operational infrastructure are no longer monopolizing the field- taxi companies now are challenged by Uber and Grab and hotel businesses are downplayed by Airbnb. Product life cycles are becoming short lived and competitions have become cut-throat in almost any business.


These situations are termed VUCA- volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Leaders who are trained to solve these challenges by their usual approaches would find themselves becoming less productive as time passes. Professor Ronald Heifetz of Harvard Kennedy School of Government stated that only leaders that are adaptable could cope with the current prevailing VUCA business environment.

For leadership development programs to be
meaningful and lasting in influence,
they must be designed to develop the whole person
in order to serve the whole business.
When leadership programs find this important intersection
of the whole leader and the whole business,
then great things are possible.


The program consists of customized in-house training, facilitation, coaching and practice assignments

  • Developing AGILE Leader

  • Leading Peak Performance Team

  • Leading Great Organization 

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Top Team Alignment

Long-term commitment to new learning and new philosophy is required of any management that seeks transformation. The timid and the fainthearted, and the people that expect quick results, are doomed to disappointment.“


- W. Edwards Deming, Out of the Crisis, 1982



  • AGILE Leadership Program I - V (each is a 3-5 day in-house)

  • Coaching For Self Mastery  (3-5 day in-house)

  • Coaching for Leading Team Innovation (3-5 day in-house)

  • Coaching for Transforming Culture and Performance (3-5 day in-house) 

  • Transformational Conversation for Leaders (3 day in-house)

  • Strategic Thinking and Facilitation for Leaders (3 day in-house)

  • Collective Intelligence for Organisation Collaboration (2 day in-house for BOD and Senior Executive)

  • Delivering Performance Evaluation (2 day in-house)

  • Leading with Values in VUCA World (3 day in-house)

  • Team Synergy and Bonding (2,3,5 day in-house + outdoor activities)

  • Facilitating Organisation Change and Transformation (new - for Internal Consultants and HR Team) 

  • Developing HR from Strategic Partner to Transformation Facilitator (new)

  • Building Collaboration for Innovation and Breakthrough Performance in VUCA world (new) 

  • Building AGILE organisation and HR Supporting Systems (new)

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