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In conversation, most of us prefers to speak than to listen. Through listening, a leader is able to fully apprehend the heart of the matter and thus take appropriate action.

An adaptive leader listens attentively to find out the "inside" of the speaker. It is through listening that an adaptive leader is able to truly understand his followers’ care and concern hence manage them.

Some of the key points in enhancing our listening skills include:

Paying attention, care and interest to the speaker by making encouraging and acknowledging sounds, with positive body language.

Asking questions that matter to both of you and the speaker.

Taking notes and giving appropriate feedback. Listening to what has been said and what is left unsaid (the silence). This is also called understanding the motives of the speaker.

Through better listening, we will gain a better understanding and therefore, build rapport with the speaker. This is the foundation of trust and stronger relationship.

Do you agree listening is important for you and leaders in your organisation?


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