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Developing Agile Leader

December 2023


Today, volatility, complexity, fast pace and uncertainty are features of business. This calls for a different kind of leader – who has the ability to foster innovation, collaborate and engage the full organization, and sustain energy for multi-year initiatives. This means transforming leadership from technical to adaptive. 


The capacity to lead transformations and sustain high performance from a core of self-mastery gained through practices that enable individuals to manage their own thoughts, feelings, and actions to inspire others and unleash the full potential of their organisations. 

Personal mastery is a lifelong practice of personal evolution that creates the conditions for happiness and success – it involves living more consciously. It puts us in more direct contact with our true selves and helps us evolve the freedom and power to create things we care to in our lives. Thus, we are freer to master our careers, to achieve goals for our physical bodies, and to build powerful personal relationships.


  • Becoming an Agile Leader

  • Listening deeply to your system

  • Values, Beliefs, and Needs

  • Consciousness and Transformation

  • Unlocking Values as Power

  • Reactive to Creative Mind

  • Energy and Focus 

  • Purpose and Inner Source

  • Purposeful Action and Goals

  • Building Inner Commitments


Our purpose is to help raise consciousness in business and organ--ization so that leaders can integrate their intelligence and wisdom and leading with the power from the inner source.

• Deeper self-awareness and insights into what inner operating              system drives you as an individual and as a leader. 

• Build stronger engagement based on trust and connecting with         others at a deeper level.

• Enhanced capability to map hidden forces in team and organization and use the insights for breakthrough solutions.

• Ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty with synchronized intention and actions from your team and organization. 

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


This workshop is highly experiential and inspirational. The program is aimed at high flyers, as well as talents who:

  • Wish to refresh their leadership capacity to become more self-aware, connect to inner wisdom source, engage and inspire others.

  • Wish to learn new skills to defeat reactive patterns and move to creative response

  • Longing for personal fulfillment and satisfaction in life and career.

  • Are seeking answers for living and working with purpose.

  • Would like to build more trusting relationships​.

This course is especially valuable for one who would like to see real impacts in his/her personal learning journey at an accelerated pace.

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