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Leading From Within
Redefining your True Leadership

November 2023


  • What life calls you

  • Dealing with Situations

  • Your Internal Compass

  • Inner Holding Space 

  • Understanding Limitations 

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • Consciousness

  • Connecting with Your Power

  • Peace and Home

  • Above and Beyond


  • Understanding Your Roots

  • Elevated Consciousness

  • Rediscovering Your Path

  • Syncing mind-mood-actions

  • Finding and unleashing your blocking patterns

  • Living in Abundance and Joy

  • Responding with Empowering State

  • Creative Response and Integration

  • Released Tension and Inner Peace

  • Energy and Actions


This course is a foundation for a profound self transformation. It is aimed for senior leaders as well as talents who aspire to lead change and transformation in the context of complexity. This course is for those who want to:

  • Be able to lead him/herself from compassion and inspiration.

  • Become a person with higher consciousness to lead with impact.

  • Build a better relationship, gaining trust and support.

  • Move into joy, peace, happiness and presence with confidence.

  • Live with empathy, care and connection with others.

  • Release self-defeating patterns and emerge with wisdom.

  • A clarity in making right choices and decisions.


Rock Balancing
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