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February 2024

In a Meeting

According to Bob Anderson, the founder of leadership circle, our success as a leadership team is tied directly to our level of alignment on vision and direction, our agreement on key strategies, annd how well we execute together. Our ability to do this depends on the quality of our interaction , communication, honesty and trust. This is what we call the "leadership conversation". 

We usually dumb down when we come together. We act at the lowest common denominator. The dynamics played out in most groups-overly aggressive advocacy of positions, poor listening, reactive responsiveness, political caution, ambitious self-interest, mistrust, ithholding of opinions—subvert collective effectiveness. Consequently, most leadership teams function collectively well below their members' average intelligence. 


The quality of the leadership conversations determines collective effectiveness,  which determines collective intelligence, which determines business performance. 

This Program will allow you to:

Open your awareness to ongoing professional and personal development, as well as the degree to which your inner self-awareness is expressed through balanced perspective and high integrity.


Develop your capability to relate to others in a way that brings out the best in people, groups, and organizations.

Develop your ability to foster high-performance teamwork among team members that report to you, across the organization, and within teams in which you participate.

Expand your ability to develop others through mentoring, and maintaining growth enhancing relationships. Mentoring is the ability to help people grow and develop personally and professionally.

Sharpen your interpersonal skills. It is a practice of how to deeply listen, engage in conflict and controversy, facilitate high level of leadership team to become a collective intelligence. 


  • Understanding Team Dynamics

  • Building Trust and Collaboration

  • Team Purpose, Values and Goals

  • Building Emotional Intelligence of groups

  • Precision Listening Skills

  • Team Conversation for Action

  • Team Performance Dialogues

  • Resolve Team Conflicts


Our purpose is to grow strong team leaders who build trust, team engagement and energy for the team to create breakthrough.

Specific Outcomes include:

  • Stronger presence as team leader with more authenticity 

  • Astute in composing team strengths and implement it

  • Defuse conflicts and shift energy for creative team exchange

  • Develop stronger collective intelligence of the team

  • Build team resilience to deal with adversity and challenges

  • Improve personal accountability and commitment

  • Remove team blockages to achieving goals and results

This workshop is crucial for leaders who wish to turn around their team performance. 

The program is flexibly customized to cater operational team leader to mid-upper senior team who:

  • Are eager to positively transform the team or to engage them in handling complex challenges

  • Want to learn to have a greater influence in conversation to team

  • Are longing for a more creative and initiative driven team 

  • Are building a stronger team spirit to achieve extraordinary results

  • Inculcate new values and belief of possibilities and extra mile performance

This course is especially valuable for leaders who are in their change journey. Be it of ERP initiative, restructuring, culture change and higher expectation from shareholder.


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