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Competence alone is insufficient for being a great leader. When we describe great leadership,

we we use words like integrity, honesty, passion, vision, risk-taking, fearlessness, compassion, courage, authenticity, collaboration, self-awareness, selflessness, humility, purposefulness, intuition and wisdom. These are qualities of inner game. A breakthrough in the inner game can result in

sudden shifts in the effectiveness of outer game.​


Robert J. Anderson

For leadership development programs to be meaningful and lasting in influence, they must be designed to develop the whole person in order to serve the whole business.
When leadership programs find this important intersection of the whole leader and
the whole business, then great things are possible.

Why Leadership Greatness Practice

In a VUCA environment, the challenges and circumstances can change rapidly and unexpectedly. Leaders need to be adaptable to navigate through these changes effectively. Adaptive leadership involves being able to quickly assess new situations, gather information, and make decisions that align with the current context. It's about being flexible and open to change, which is crucial when facing uncertainty and volatility.

Agility refers to the ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing circumstances. In a VUCA environment, traditional methods and plans may not work as intended due to the dynamic nature of the situation. Leaders who are agile can pivot, adjust strategies, and make quick decisions to address emerging challenges. This quality enables them to stay ahead of the curve and effectively manage unexpected disruptions.

VUCA environments often require leaders to think beyond the immediate challenges and consider the broader implications of their decisions. Expanding consciousness involves developing a holistic perspective, considering various viewpoints, and understanding the interconnectedness of different factors. This broader awareness helps leaders make more informed decisions that take into account the complex and multifaceted nature of the environment.

Effective leaders in a VUCA environment need to draw upon both their cognitive intelligence and their emotional intelligence. Self-mastery involves understanding one's own emotions, motivations, and biases, and using this self-awareness to make wise decisions. Wisdom, in this context, refers to the ability to apply knowledge and experience in a thoughtful and discerning manner. Integrating wisdom and intelligence helps leaders make balanced and well-informed choices, even when faced with ambiguity.

Riding a wave of change.png

The aspects of Greatness Leadership Practice become crucial because they empower leaders to navigate the challenges and complexities that arise. The uncertainty and volatility of such environments require leaders to be more than just directive; they need to be adaptable, agile, and capable of understanding the bigger picture. By expanding their consciousness and integrating wisdom and intelligence, leaders can make decisions that are not only timely but also well-considered and aligned with the overarching goals and values of their organizations.

Modules in Leadership Greatness Practice

  • AGILE Leadership Program I - V (each is a 3-5 day in-house)

  • Coaching For Self-Mastery (3-5 day in-house)

  • Coaching for Team Effectiveness (3-5 day in-house)

  • Coaching for Transforming Culture and Performance (3-5 day in-house) 

  • Transformational Conversation for Leaders (3 day in-house)

  • Systemic Intelligence for Leadership (3 day in-house)

  • Collective Intelligence for Organization Collaboration (2 day in-house for BOD and Senior Executive)

  • Leading with Core Values in VUCA World (3 day in-house)

  • Team Synergy and Bonding (2-3 day in-house + outdoor activities)

  • Facilitating Organization Change and Transformation (new - for Internal Consultants and HR Team) 

  • Human Capital Team as Transformation Facilitator (new)

  • Building Collaborative and Agile Leaders (new) 

  • Building AGILE organization and HC Systems (new)


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