Mindset Alignment

May 2020


  • Reviewing where we are (life compass)

  • Behavior shift and environment

  • Moods and Assessments

  • Values and Beliefs

  • Needs - Fear and Identity

  • Reframing and Collapsing Blockages

  • 7 level of Consiousness

  • Power of Choice 

  • Centering and Power

  • Reborn and Revitalized 


  • Knowing yourself at a deeper level

  • Finding our core values and their shadow belief

  • Heightened consciousness on our pattern of responses

  • Syncing mind-mood-actions with goals

  • Making peace and seeding joy within ourselves

  • Creating empowering state during challenging times

  • Being centered and respond from creative space

  • Resolving inner conflicts and living in authenticity

  • Strengthening your self commitment 

  • Gaining trust and winning support


This course is a foundation for a profound self transformation. It is aimed for senior leaders as well as young leaders who aspire to lead cultural change or organization transformation. This course is for those who want to:

  • Be able to lead him/herself from compassion and inspiration

  • Become a person with higher consciousness to lead with impact

  • Build a better relationship, gaining trust and support quickly

  • Have more joy, peace, happiness and confidence

  • Have more empathy, care and connection towards others

  • Release self-defeating patterns and emerge with stronger wisdom

  • Have clarity in making right choices and decision


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