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When we are aware that all life is an interconnected parts as a whole, we need to learn how to ‘walk in the shoes’, ‘see through the eyes’, or ‘feel from the heart’ of another. This is what we called empathy.

Compassion is different from empathy, as it is caring about others and behaving toward them with affection, generosity, and concern. Compassion means having genuine feelings for other people's struggles.

When you feel compassion for those around you, you can't just ignore watch someone else suffering. You are motivated to take action to stop the pain or help out.

However, your challenge is actually being compassionate with yourself, your family, and co-workers who’ve been hurtful, loss and grief, and those whose behaviours seem contrary to healing and evolving our larger community for the good of all.

When we open our ear and connected with our heart, pure love just emanates from our expressions. Love is the coherent song of the universe. When we are in flow, there is love. When elements flow together in consistent patterns, we experience the bliss of integration, our oneness.

By Leksana TH

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