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Learning, for individuals or groups, is an active process of gaining information, understanding, or capabilities. Learning is a process of action and reflection, in which action is taken, assessed, and modified to produce desired outcomes.

Most work in organisations, however, requires coordinated action among multiple individuals. While learning has been on-going on individual basis through trainings and assignments, most organisations have failed to learn at group level.

To be successful, groups must access knowledge, develop a shared understanding of how best to apply it, and act in a coordinated manner that is reflective of new insights. This means work in groups frequently requires collective learning.

While in a group setting, interacting with other divisions and multiple disciplines, can you feel confident and safe to do these actions without getting any setbacks?

  1. Asking questions candidly

  2. Sharing information openly

  3. Seeking help as needed

  4. Experimenting with unproven actions

  5. Talking about mistakes?

  6. Seeking accurate feedback

If you do not feel not safe to do any one of these, perhaps it is a time for your organisation and leaders to reconsider what sort of collective mindsets need to be identified and shifted.

In the VUCA age, the speed of collective learning and adaptation to a complex world start with "feeling safe" in doing 1-6 in a group setting.


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